Guiding an Overhaul of IXL Learning Case Study

Guiding an Overhaul of

Dylan Tarre
Dylan Tarre

The brand was acquired by IXL, and I was entrusted with the responsibility of giving the landing page an engaging new look. 

The previous version of the landing page was basic and dry, with a drab green overlay dominating the video behind it. The buttons were noticeable, but the page lacked focus, with too much text, and confusing elements tacked on like the quiz on the right.

As primarily functions primarily as a dictionary, and secondarily a vocabulary and teaching tool, the focus of the redesign was to enhance interaction with the dictionary feature to highlight the main functionality of the site. 

Through several design explorations, we aimed to create a fresh and modern look that would guide users seamlessly through the process of word lookup and utilize the various teaching resources available.

The final design captures the essence of and emphasizes its key functions as a comprehensive vocabulary and educational tool.