Welcoming New Rosetta Stone Users with a Free Trial Email Series
Rosetta Stone IXL Learning Case Study

Welcoming New Rosetta Stone Users with a Free Trial Email Series

Dylan Tarre
Dylan Tarre

Before leaving IXL Learning, I worked on one last significant project—the creation of an email series designed to welcome new customers to the product. 

This email series played a critical role as the initial touchpoint for users after activating a free trial. As such, it demanded meticulous attention to detail and careful execution.

To ensure the utmost effectiveness of the email series, we conducted rigorous testing and optimization. I explored a multitude of designs and layouts, seeking the perfect combination that would resonate with customers and deliver a seamless onboarding experience. We considered factors such as visual appeal, accessibility, content structure, and overall user engagement.

Through multiple iterations and feedback loops, we refined the series and arrived at the version you see above. The final design strikes a balance between aesthetics and functionality, combining an inviting visual layout with clear and concise messaging. We focused on creating an inclusive experience that would cater to diverse user preferences and language levels, aligning with Rosetta Stone's commitment to personalized language learning.

During this project, I employed Figma's robust features to create multiple design components, enabling us to test various layouts and visual options. Additionally, I incorporated GIFs within the email to enhance the attention grabbing effect they would have.

By employing my expertise in designing comprehensive systems and UI components, I ensured that the project remained organized and visually cohesive throughout its development. This meticulous approach allowed for seamless collaboration and efficient iteration, resulting in a refined and polished final product.

In addition to my design contributions, I played a crucial role in effectively communicating specifications to the email developers. Recognizing the importance of clear and detailed instructions, I meticulously documented specific information such as fonts, colors, dimensions, and interactive elements. This comprehensive documentation served as a valuable resource for the developers, ensuring consistent implementation and adherence to the design vision.

My ability to deliver precise specifications and provide quick access to essential resources speaks to my commitment to efficient project management and collaboration. By effectively bridging the gap between design and development, I consistently contribute to the successful execution of projects and deliver exceptional results.

By meticulously crafting and fine-tuning this email series, our team successfully captured the attention and interest of new customers. We aimed to set the tone for their language learning journey, instilling a sense of excitement and confidence in their decision to choose Rosetta Stone.

Overall, I am proud of the collective effort and attention to detail that went into creating this impactful welcome email series. The project showcased our excruciating detail, our commitment to user-centric design, and the ability to collaboratively achieve exceptional results between design and development.